Ebani Thomas

A hardworking professional and mom with a passion for people-centered management.

When Ebani Thomas joined the Building Prosperity Workforce Cohort, she was a single mom with a 22-year-old and a 14-year-old.

Juggling motherhood while taking classes and looking for quality employment wasn’t easy, but she persevered as she always has—and discovered some of her own strengths along the way.

“Aside from my experience and hardworking nature, I’m great at networking, too. I’m not afraid of talking to people. I’ve sat down with the City Manager, the CFO, and others. It’s boosted my confidence to know that I have the gift of gab.”

In the summer of 2021, Ebani will complete her bachelor’s degree in supervision and management, with a concentration in human services. She currently works for the City of Miami Beach under financial and customer service, helping residents in a variety of ways. Before that, she worked in hospitality and at a law firm. With her degree, she’s hoping to find a position, possibly with a consulting edge, that will leverage all her skills and strengths.

“There's no how-to manual to help you maneuver,” Ebani said. She appreciated the program’s open format, which allowed participants to get advice from the presenters, learn career-boosting skills, and have a place where they felt supported.

“The program was way more nurturing than I expected. We were opening up and being vulnerable, and I guess we all felt we were missing something. We needed that reassurance because some of us move through life without cheerleaders or without stopping to celebrate yourself.”

Ebani recalls a session in which a career advisor from FIU was helping the cohort with resumes and asking them about what they actually want to do. Having these conversations and meeting with her cohort each week helped her to recognize her strengths and to be “kind of fearless.”

“It was so refreshing to be put in a circle where what we thought mattered, and to have conversations that go into parts of your brain that you’ve deserted for so long," Ebani said. "I’m finally getting excited about what I’m doing. It’s nice to have that confidence that I am doing something right and moving in the right direction."

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